Lanternen is situated in a beautiful spot on the dock in Bygdøy, Oslo. Lantern is a restaurant where you, in addition to enjoying the fantastic view from Dronningen, can enjoy good food and drinks with friends, family or alone. Lanternen is a place that can accommodate many occasions.
A simple lunch, dinner or the big wedding.


The restaurant has seating for about 100 inside and twice as many outside, roughly 60 of them are on our pergola. Our outside area is in a fantastic spot right on the dock. A part of our large outside area is decorated with a large pergola that helps us kick-start the summer. During the summer half there is a ferry that goes directly from Rådhuskaien (the City Hall dock) to our outside eating area.


A little history about the building

The building was put up in 1926 and was used as a waiting room and office for the Bygdøy Ferries. The house was also used as a forwarding office for the Bygdøy Ferry errand boys. The errand boys might be hired by a bakery, laundromat, grocery store, book store, drugstore or other types of companies that transported their goods to their customers. Most often young boys held these positions and "errand boy" was often times the very first job a boy could get for work after school or after graduating. The building was totally renovated inside in 2014 and outside in 2019.


Huk Aveny 2

0287 Oslo

Org. Nr 914 535 638

Phone 22 43 78 38

Email info@restaurantlanternen.no

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