At Lanternen we are able to host many types of gatherings in two separate departments.

Whether it is for a company, memorials, seminars, confirmations or the big wedding.


Korona adaptation for restaurant:


Inside the restaurant we have room for 50 guests. Outside on our pergola on the dock we have room for 40 guests.

Outside on the large dock we have room for 72 guests, but we can not accept booking.


This means that we can have events for up to 50 persons inside and 40 outside. This can be for jubilees, birthdays, memorials or any other gatherings. We have to ensure you stay at your designated tables and will of course serve you where you are seated.



 Lanternen has the perfect setting for an amazing wedding celebration with our location on the dock.
We have room for up to 80 guests and we have many possibilities.
A welcome aperitif can be enjoyed on the dock, you can arrive in a hired boat.
A band or dj can be booked. Lanternen is situated at Bygdøy, only a short boat/car-ride from Aker Brygge.


We will put together a memorable meal with drinks to your satisfaction.


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0287 Oslo

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Phone 22 43 78 38


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